The Statement of the Korean Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship (June 1, 2014)

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The Statement of the Korean Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship (June 1, 2014)
Chief of Staff, Kim Ki-choon, Please Persevere

 We saw the news that a parliamentary investigation in regards to the Sewol Ferry accident will be carried out for 90 days, starting from June 2nd. In the end, after the struggle between the opposing parties, the President's Chief of Staff was chosen to be the subject of the operational report. The media is saying that Chief Kim Ki-choon became the subject of the parliamentary investigation. But this does not seem to be the reality.

 According to the report that comprehensively explains the parliamentary investigation program, if he appears during the parliamentary investigation as a government official but not as a witness, then even if he lies he will not receive a criminal penalty. Moreover, if Chief Kim Ki-Choon is replaced or if he resigns during the parliamentary investigation period, he does not have to appear during the parliamentary investigation because he is no longer the "head of the agency."

 That is why we hope that the subject of the parliamentary investigation is not simply the President's Chief of Staff. It must be Chief of Staff, Kim Ki-choon.

 We would like to know the truth. We would like to know why the prosecutors told us to take down the banner stating, "Let's go the whole hog! Kim Ki-choon," and why they hid that fact and lied. This further arouses suspicion that the Sewol Ferry accident and Chief Kim Ki-choon are not unrelated.

 Along with the victims' families who hope that the truth of the Sewol Ferry accident will be openly revealed, we, the 100,000 church members, pray with a steadfast heart that the cause of the sinking of the Sewol Ferry will be accurately revealed.

 We truly hope that Chief of Staff Kim Ki-choon is not dismissed from his position—at least not before the parliamentary investigation is finished. We are afraid that he will never be able to remove the label that states that he is connected with the Sewol Ferry, if he steps down from the Chief of Staff position before he is subject to the parliamentary investigation.

 We sincerely hope again that the aim of the parliamentary investigation to find the facts will not fade.

 Chief of Staff Kim Ki-choon: in order for the truth of the accident to be very clearly revealed through parliamentary investigation, please persevere up until the day the investigation ends.

Lee Tae-Jong, a temporary spokesperson of the Korean Laymen's Evangelical Fellowship. June 1, 2014.

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