[Yoo Byung-eun] The Salvation Group considers Yoo Byung-eun as the religious leader?

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1. What has been falsely reported?


Multiple media outlets published false reports with claims related to the status of the late chairman Yoo Byung-eun, such as, “The Salvation Group considers Yoo Byung-eun as the religious leader”.

Most of such reports have been deleted or corresponding correction reports have been published according to the order by the Press Arbitration Commission, or by the negotiation between respective agencies. The following are examples of such false reports;



2. False report vs. Truth 


The Salvation Group considers Yoo Byung-eun as the religious leader.
It is unfounded that the late chairman Yoo Byung-eun is considered as the religious leader or the supreme leader by the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church. He is not revered beyond his role as a sharer of abundant Biblical knowledge.
It is not a doctrine in the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church to establish an individual as a supreme leader. They believe that their leader is Jesus Christ.




3. Related Articles

<Chanel A: May 14, 2014>


“Yoo Byung-eun is not a religious leader”… Geumsuwon remains locked down for two days.

They also claimed that raising Yoo Byung-eun as a leader is not possible considering their doctrines.

[The administrator of the office of the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church]

Our relationship was not that of a commander and followers. We simply had fellowship based upon our common beliefs in the Bible. He was one of the laymen…. It is an insult to ask a believer if he or she believes in a man as God.



<Church and Faith: March 27, 2015>


[Counterargument by the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church] 

Upon reading the article from the <Church and Faith>

Is the late chairman Yoo Byung-eun a religious leader of the Salvation Group?

As I mentioned in my response to your first question, he was never a ‘religious leader’ of our church. You do not refer to a founder or a representative of a denomination as the ‘leader’. You would not call John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church as the ‘leader’. Just as you would not refer to John Calvin, the founder of the Presbyterian Church as a ‘leader’. Since then, many other Protestant denominations and smaller independent Christian organizations were established. But none of the representatives were called a ‘leader’. In fact, if you were to call one of them a ‘leader’, it would be considered a great offense. Knowing this, still calling Mr. Yoo a religious leader cannot be considered anything else but a very intentional defamation. As I already mentioned, the late Chairman Yoo has taught the Bible for many years. People may believe that he established the doctrines of the Salvation Group but that is not the case. He was a firm believer in the history of Christianity in addition to the Old and the New Testaments. His sermons were published into about 100 books and all recordings are continuing to be circulated in the present day. However, not a single person was able to prove his teachings wrong by directly quoting him. Such attempts have been limited to the claims of a few individuals who are so-called “cult experts,” re-quoting one another to secure their arguments. In addition, those individuals are claiming their rudimentary imagination as facts, such as that the name “Semo (which means a triangle)” is a reversed word of “Mose (which means Moses)”, and the chairman’s pseudonym “Ahae” is a derivative of the word “Yahweh” which is one of several Hebrew words that means God. “Semo” simply means a triangle in Korean, which is a very stable geometry that would not fall down. Chairman’s pseudonym “Ahae” means ‘like a child’ in ancient Korean.


< YTN Radio: May 23, 2014>


Phone interview of Kye-woong Cho, the spokesperson of the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church

(YTN Radio)

Q. What is the relationship between the late Chairman Yoo and the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church?

I was asked this question by a number of reporters. Jeong Dong-seob and Lee Chung, who are known to have been part of the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church, and Jeon Hae-dong who has never been to this church, described the late Chairman Yoo as the religious leader. Does it not imply that one man is worshipped as God when you refer to him as the religious leader? We are a group of people who believe in God and Jesus Christ. Therefore, to be addressed that we revere a man as God is greatly degrading for us.

The Korean Evangelical Baptist Church is an organization that was started by the late pastor Kwon Shin-chan and the late Chairman Yoo Byung-eun. Based on our belief that ‘anyone who has a correct understanding of the Bible can evangelize’, the system of having a pastor or elders do not exist in our organization. We are simply a group of people who want to freely gather and study the Bible. But I am not stating that we do not have any relationship with the late Chairman Yoo. He has been with us for over 50 years since the founding of the Korean Evangelical Baptist Church. Thus there has been a considerable trust upon him in our faith. However, it never means that we listened to the direct orders from him or he was in the ultimate position as a religious leader.

It is understandable that those who spectate at us with a preconception that “the late Chairman Yoo is the religious leader” as they are not familiar with us. They may question that the monetary offerings of the church could have been channeled to the religious leader, or may consider the land and the church itself as being a part of his private property.



4. Related Correction and Refutive reports


<Church and Faith 2018 March 23>


article regarding the Evangelical Baptist Church (the Salvation Group) and the late Former Chairman Yoo Byung-eun

The late former chairman Yoo Byung-eun is not a "religious leader" of the Salvation Group. There is no Christian denomination that refers to its founder or representative as a "religious leader." Founder of the Methodist church 'John Wesley' is not referred to as the religious leader of the Presbyterian church. Within the history of the church there are numerous Christian denominations of the Protestant churchm varying in size, but not one calls its representative a religious leader. 


In fact, if someone called a representative of a Christian denomination a religious leader, it would be considered very much disagreeable. And continuing to call Mr. Yoo Byung-eun a religious leader despite obviously knowing this fact can only be interpreted as having an intent to slander. The late Former Chairman Yoo has been teaching the Bible for a long time. There are some who believe that he fabricated the doctrine of the Salvation Group, but this is far from the truth. His Bible lectures are actually similar to Biblical interpretations of other lecturers, and his lectures do not explain anything that deviates from the Christian doctrine. 


His sermons have been published into more that a hundred books, and they have been recorded into audio and video files that continue to be distributed so it is always possible to confirm and debate this fact. However, there has been not one 'heresy detector' or anyone else who proposed a problem based on his sermon; raher, few self-proclaimed 'heresy detectors' have been basing off of each other's assertions and claiming that he is aect leader who propagates his own doctrines. The Evangelical Baptist Church teaches no doctrine that specifies any one individual as a religious leader, and also make a clear statement that the religious leader is Jesus Christ. The end


<Dispatch 2018 July 6>


[Refuting report] Refutation to the article relating to the “Salvation Group”

[Refuting report] Rebuttal to the article relating to the “Salvation Group”

In our article written on 2nd May 2018 titled [exclusive] “I have been saved”... Park Jin-young has been seen preaching the doctrine of the ‘Salvation group’」, there were expressions such as, “the Salvation Group’s actual religious leaders are Kwon Shin-chan and Yoo-Byung-eun,” and, “Kwon Shin-chan who created the ‘Salvation Group’s’ doctrine, and his son-in-law “Yoo Byung-eun” who has continuously taught this philosophy”. With regards to these statements, the Evangelical Baptist Church stated that according to their church’s doctrine, they believe in Jesus Christ as their only Messiah, as it is recorded in the Bible, and thus it is untrue that they have ever revered the late Former Chairman Yoo Byug-eun as a religious leader. They also stated that aside from the 12 articles based on the Apostles’ Creed called “What do we believe in?” that are listed in the Articles of Association, they have not made up any new doctrine outside of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.




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