[Salvation Group] Once you receive the salvation of your spirit then your body will be saved naturally?

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1. What has been falsely reported?

Multiple media outlets published false reports with claims related to the doctrine of the Evangelical Baptist Church, saying “Once you receive the salvation of your spirit then your body will be saved naturally.” Most of such reports have been deleted or corresponding correction reports have been published according to the order by the Press Arbitration Commission, or by the negotiation between respective agencies. The following are examples of such false reports:








2. Reposrts and Facts


Once you receive the salvation of your spirit then your body will be saved naturally?
Once you are saved, you do not have to repent.
The claim that this denomination has the doctrine that once the spirit is saved, the body will be saved naturally is a one-sided argument by some Christian groups, and no such claims have ever been made by the Evangelical Baptist Church in any part of their official doctrines or sermons. If the spirit is saved, it is not that the body is saved naturally, but the body is saved when it is changed to a resurrected body. More information on the doctrine of this denomination can be found at the link below. (http://www.ebcworld.com/)
In addition, there is no doctrine that once you are saved, you do not need to repent, or that continuing repentance is proof that you are not saved - even after you are saved, you must confess and correct your wrongdoings according to what it says in the Bible.







3. Related articles and information


<Church and Faith March 27, 2015>


[Evangelical Baptist Church counter-argument] Read the article <Church and Faith>

The conclusion is simple. The forgiveness of sins was accomplished on the cross once for all, and one repentance is enough. “Once a son is an eternal son”.

Hebrews 9:12, says, “Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption.”

Even after receiving forgiveness this one time like this, you still find yourself guilty of sin. So it says to confess. We need to live reflecting on ourselves before the Lord and confessing our sins. “Repentance” and “confession” should not be confused.




<Misunderstanding and the Truth of the Salvation Group>


It is said that continuing to repent is evidence of not being saved? An excerpt from a sermon about this

Then, the children of God have received forgiveness of their sins and received salvation of their spirits until they go before the Lord, but isn’t there still the life of the flesh left to live? (Omitted) Just as it says, “waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body,” (Rom 8:23), if we look at how it says that those people who have received salvation of their spirits will soon be changed to a resurrected body, as we live our lives staying close to the Bible after we having come to believe in the Bible, we come to know what it means to walk with the Lord. We learn this. As you learn, one day you realize that the forgiveness of the sins of your spirit is an eternal forgiveness. Of your spirit. But because my flesh remains, the sins of the flesh are forgiven by confession in front of the Lord. You come to believe this.



Faith Guide for Beginners: Work out your salvation (1989, Pastor Shinchan Kwon)



In the Bible, salvation is expressed in three tenses. The past tense, as it says, “you have been saved,” (Ephesians 2:8), the present tense, as it says, “work out your own salvation,” (Phil 2:12), and the future tense, which says, “will raise us up, will give us life” (Rom 8:11, 1 Cor 6:14). When someone says, “I have received salvation,” they mean that they have received the salvation of the spirit, and when they talk about, “working out their salvation,” they are referring to the 

“salvation of life,” which is something that people who have already received salvation of their spirits must live and experience. The future tense of salvation refers to the “salvation of the flesh,” that is, “the resurrection of the body,” which people will receive when the Lord comes again.


This book is a must-read for those who have already received the “salvation of the spirit.” This book dealt with the importance of the next level of salvation, the “salvation of life,” which a person who has gained life must receive. Within your life, the important part in “working out your salvation,” is that even if a baby is born, if there is no growth, he cannot become an adult, and in that case, although he is a person, he cannot play a role as a person. There is a tendency for people who do not know this to return to how they used to be even after they have experienced the “salvation of the spirit,” which is grossly wrong. Although the “salvation of the spirit” is accomplished at once, the “salvation of life” is not. I write this book with an earnest desire to let those young spirits who have just received salvation to know the true meaning of the “salvation of life” which is experienced through a long life within fellowship with other saints.




4. Report on related corrections and objections


<Christian Daily September 18, 2018>


[A counter-argument report related to the Evangelical Baptist Church]

However, it was revealed that the Evangelical Baptist Church stated, "We do not teach people that once you are saved, it does not matter what kind of sins you commit." They expressed that, “There is no doctrine that says that you do not need to repent after you are saved. Our doctrine is that even after you are saved, you need to frequently confess and correct wrong behaviors according to what the Bible says.”



<Star Seoul TV>


Correction and rebuttal reports related to the Evangelical Baptist Church (Salvation Group) and former President Yoo Byung-eun

In addition, it was revealed and confirmed from the official doctrine of the Evangelical Baptist Church that there is nowhere that says that, “Participating in business is a form of prayer and worship, or that if you just realize your sin you receive salvation, and if your spirit is saved, your body will be saved together as well.” Also, nowhere that says that they, “deny prayer and worship.”


And many others





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